Biotek Maestro Needles


The new era of dermopigmentation. The latest technologies have allowed us to create a very advanced equipment that will make your job easy, fast and performing.


More efficient, more silent, more precise and more stable. Does this sound like a dream? No. It is a matter of fact!

MAESTRO is the result of 3 years of research and development by our Italian laboratories. Designed and built according to the requests of the professionals in the sector. You requested it and we created it.


All in one! Your equipment is already equipped with two handpieces for the price of one! To allow you to perform all the treatments in the world of dermopigmentation.


If you want the best, the only choise is MAESTRO.

MAESTRO is designed for professionals of various disciplines, not only semi-permanent makeup but also medical treatments, scalp pigmentation, vitiligo and optionally BioNeedling.

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  • £49.80 £49.80

    Biotek MAESTRO 12 Point Needle

  • £47.15 £47.15

    Maestro 1 Point Colour Needle

  • £48.95 £48.95

    Maestro 1 Point Flex Needle

  • £48.95 £48.95

    Maestro 1 Point HD Needle

  • £48.95 £48.95

    Maestro 1 Point Needle (10)

  • £46.90 £46.90

    Maestro 1 Point Romboid Needle

  • £52.95 £52.95

    Maestro 1 Point Trico+

  • £44.50£77.75

    Maestro 3 Point Liner Needle

  • £44.10£77.65

    Maestro 3 Point Shader Needle

  • £46.75 £46.75

    Maestro 3 Point Soft Liner Needle

  • £48.95 £48.95

    Maestro 5 Point Cross Magnum Needle

  • £44.50£77.75

    Maestro 5 Point Liner Needle

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