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Biotek Microblading Pigments

The new range of Biotek Microblading colors consists of 5 splendid nuanches, essential to ensure perfect results to every customer.
Thirty years experience in the manufacture of Biotek for permanent make-up pigments has been crucial to creating this new range, and as every range of Biotek colors, is totally hypoallergenic, tested, guaranteed and safe.

But what is meant with “safe colors”?

Each Biotek color, before to be on market, must pass test of conformity and quality, and only then, if it meets all the highest standards of excellence that Biotek requires, can be labeled, sterilized and ready to be shipped around the world.

Biotek colors respect the current European legislation ResAP (2008) 1: the resolution of the european council on the requirements and criteria for the safety of tattoos and permanent makeup.
In addition to being safe for your client, they are a security for you because they NOT veer ever!

Our famous formula allows to work with 100% color stable, predictable, that never veer, and do not give unexpected reactions, even after years.

What are the difference between Microblading colors and Permanent make-up colors?

The new line of Microblading Colors has all the qualities of typical safety of the other Biotek lines but with an entirely new formula.
Even more loads of pigment! Maximum coloring action! Up to 20% of pure pigment more!
This allows the color to be even more dense to adhere to the blade, without drying air; specially designed to meet the needs of those who practice microblading.

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