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QC Brows Bladed Advanced Artist of Excellence for professionals already trained in Microblading.

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Knowledge Day 1:

Learn all the techniques and skills needed to create:

1. The Megan Brow – Perfectly Sculpted Natural Hairstroke Brows

2. The Cara Brow – Perfectly Imperfect Hairstroke Brows

3. Male Brows – How to create a loose natural full male eyebrow

4. Oriental Style Brows  – 10 Dimensions Eyebrow

5. The Blush Brow – A fully powdered brow in varying nuiances of colour

6. Reverse Sombré – Ombrè Brows with hairstrokes and shading in different directions

The secrets to getting the perfect hairstroke

  • Rules of Microblading
  • Learn Nano needle configurations and uses
  • Biotek pigment knowledge for Microblading
  • Choosing the correct brow for varying skin types
  • Demonstration of 3 Brow Structured Styles
  • Step by Step of each brow
  • Practical on QC Blading paper
  • Practical on practice mats
  • Practice on fruit

Knowledge Day 2:

  • Live Demonstration of 1 style of eyebrows on a person by Joanne Lee
  • Demonstration of 3 more styled brows on plastic, as Day 1
  • Practice of All brow styles learned
  • Step by Step of each brow
  • Recap of all the styles learned