Training Terms & Conditions

Payment is required in full on booking.

Once your payment has been received, you will be added to the online infection control and first aid to be completed on line and will receive your prep pack.

We have the right to cancel training if a course in undersubscribed with 7 days notice.

If you don’t complete the training requirements at each stage and a time lapse of more than 12 months between the training stages you will need to repay in full and start the training again. This is because you need to practice and be committed to the training process and if you take longer more time and effort is needed to get you up to speed.

If booking 2 courses a saving of £500 is allocated to the training fee. If booking the full package to be a QC Brows Complete Artist of Excellence™ including; QC Brows Bladed™, QC Brows Designed™, QC Brows Machine™, QC Lips™, QC Eyes™ a saving of £1500 is allocated to the training fee. To benefit from this saving you must pay in full 4 weeks before your course commences.

If you have already paid for Microblading training with QC Brows™ this can be added to be part of the full package. Please ask for further details if required.

Course Requirements

If multiple courses are being taken you only need to do infection control and first aid once. This needs to be completed before you come on your knowledge day(s) We have the right to refuse a student training if they have not got what it takes to be a permanent make-up artist. This would usually become apparent on the knowledge day. Part refund will be offered in kindness.

Students must act in a professional courteous manner at all times. If you have special dietary needs please inform us beforehand.